Rethink it!  - Practical ways to rid yourself of anger, depression, jealousy and other common problems

"Easy to follow exercises to help clients help themselves." National Council for Hypnotherapy

Ebook, £3.99; Paperback, £7.99



The Power of Accepting Yourself - a self-help book by therapist Michael Cohen

Ebook, 99p; Paperback, £7.99



Twelve Day Trips from London - a guide for those who want to see more than London,

by Dee Maldon

Ebook 99p


Recycle Those Gladrags - how to find great charity shop clothes by Dee Maldon - Paperback, £4.99


Not All Bonnets and Bustles - Victorian women travellers tell their own stories

Ebook, 99p; Paperback, £10.99

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Once Upon a Time in the Sixties - a London memoir by Peter Maddick

Ebook, 99p; Paperback, £7.99


Quick Boil Some Water, childbirth stories from the '40s, '50s and '60s

Ebook, 99p; Paperback, £6.99

A Matter of Honour - England's last fatal duel by historian Martyn Beardsley

Ebook, 99p; Paperback, £8.99