The Solo Travel Guide

by Dee Maldon

Do you want to travel but your friends and family don't! Then why wait?

The Solo Travel Guide gives help in planning, coping, staying safe and even offers suggestions on where to go.

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Rethink it!  - Practical ways to rid yourself of anger, depression, jealousy and other common problems

"Easy to follow exercises to help clients help themselves." National Council for Hypnotherapy


The Power of Accepting Yourself - a self-help book by therapist Michael Cohen




Twelve Day Trips from London - a guide for those who want to see more than London,

by Dee Maldon


Recycle Those Gladrags - how to find great charity shop clothes by Dee Maldon - 


Not All Bonnets and Bustles - Victorian women travellers tell their own stories

Bookline & Thinker Ltd

Once Upon a Time in the Sixties - a London memoir by Peter Maddick


Quick Boil Some Water, childbirth stories from the '40s, '50s and '60s


A Matter of Honour - England's last fatal duel by historian Martyn Beardsley