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We must battle creatively, normal protest won't work

Posted by Yvonne Barlow on Thursday, February 2, 2017
I'm a publisher not a politician but, like many of you, I'm concerned about Donald Trump. I could call him so many names but so many people are doing that already. And it's too easy and leads nowhere.
The problem with Trump is that he's no ordinary politician, and ordinary tactics of debate and protest don't work. He's a bully and cares nothing for the ordinary guy no matter what he says. It's difficult to tell what his aim is - profit, influence or simply world domination.
I just returned from a week in the US and felt heartened to see how many Americans are stirred up to fight him. However, I believe this is not a fight that should be played out in street protests - Trump shrugs these off. As he does tears, stirring speeches and attempts to counter his lies with video evidence.
So what will work with Trump?
Here are a few of my ideas:
American voters need to email their Republican Congressmen and Senators saying that they will hold them to account for Trump's actions - he is the Republican's man, and they will vote against that elected official if he backs Trump in any way. And they can't just do this once - they need to do it every time Trump does something that goes against the grain of humanity.
In the UK, we let Trump visit. Machiavelli said you should keep your enemies close, well Trump is an enemy to all tolerant, humane individuals. You may not be happy with our elected officials, but if they can, as Theresa May did last week, tell Trump that they will not share intelligence information if the US returns to torture or that last year's Iran deal beats any alternative, then that is good influence that Trump quite frankly needs. We all benefit from this influence.
Trump has an ego and will clearly love a motorcade with royalty. The best thing we can do is line those streets with our backs turned - or not turn up at all. His disappointment at not being seen - his massive ego needs visibility.
I'd love to hear from you on tactics to fight Trump - he's not a normal politician and normal protest tactics don't work. I feel we focus on those around him, like the Republican politicians, they're weaker and don't have his blinkered ego to keep moving forward.
Answers in an email please.

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Yvonne Barlow Editor and people watcher. I love non-fiction and the ex-journalist in me believes a good novel can never match the human story.