The Solo Travel Guide by Dee Maldon

Do you want to travel but your friends and family don't? So why wait?

Travelling alone is better than never travelling at all. In The Solo Travel Guide we give suggestions on how to plan, how to copy when you are at your destination alone, how to stay safe and even suggestions on where to go. Read the early chapters.

Twelve Day Trips from London is aimed at visitors to London who want to see more than the capital – but don’t want to drive or vacate their hotel room.

This book provides a guide to 12  very different places to visit, all using public transport. The obvious places are included, such as Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon. But less well known places are featured such as England’s smallest cathedral city, Ely, and Brighton, a vibrant university town on the coast that once offered royals the freedom from protocol. The guide book also includes places visitors tend to think they cannot visit on public transport such as Stonehenge and England’s most picturesque fortification, Leeds Castle.

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Not All Bonnets and Bustles

Victorian Women Travellers in Africa

by Annie Hore, Helen Caddick and Eliza Bradley.

Ebook and paperback

A simple guide for those who want to see more than the capital.

London is a wonderful city to visit, but there are many places to see outside the capital. Venturing out can be done in a day, all by public transport, and you can be back in your hotel room by evening.

Stonehenge, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Windsor, Winchester and Canterbury all have great sites to see.

So be an explorer and get out there.

Not All Bonnets and Bustles

Victorian women travellers were not docile. They were fearless.

Eliza Bradley was shipwrecked off the Barbary Coast, captured and taken as a slave until the British Consul paid a ransom to free her.

Annie Hore travelled across East Africa with her baby son and missionary husband following the route Stanley took in pursuit of Dr. Livingstone 11 years before.

Helen Caddick was carried through Africa in a hammock accompanied by 25 bearers, cooks, guides and a boy translator who spoke only Biblical English.

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